Roscioli’s carpentry department is fully-equipped and staffed with master craftsmen who are capable of handling a wide variety of jobs. Whether it’s regular maintenance and repair work like re-bedding leaking windows or re-caulking bottoms and joints; or, fashioning a custom plaque emblazoned with your yacht’s name in shiny 22 karat gold leaf, our carpenters are some of the best in the world.

And for an elegant and stylish interior, they can also custom-design and build any type of furniture you need, such as: dining tables, wine cabinets, credenzas, entertainment centers, storage cabinets, electronics consoles or tackle cabinets.

But, no matter the job, you’ll find Roscioli’s commitment to detail and finish. Wood is sanded until it feels as smooth as satin. Joints are precision cut and jointed so they’re virtually invisible. And the finish work is finer than most European cabinetry you’ve seen.

So, whether your yacht is in need of routine maintenance or exquisite custom interior treatments, you can count on Roscioli to meet your standards of excellence.